How To Write An Effective Design Brief and Get The Design You Want!

What Is A Design Brief?

In simple words, Design Brief is a document provided for creating the design for your product or business. It will provide the designer(s) with all the information needed to create the design.

The key elements of the design briefs are Description of the Company or Product, Company Background, What does your business do? What copy (text) and pictures are needed? Do you have any benchmark or inspiration in mind? Some projects like Labels, packagings need the dimensions / die-line from the print house.

A good design brief helps to create an outstanding design on the right track without any unexpected distraction.

Here are some important keynotes that will help your designer a lot:

A descriptive note about what you want:

All the details like what are your objectives, if you have any inspiration/design style in mind, reference to your competitor’s products, etc.

Your Target Audience:

Every Design strategy is heavily dependent on Target Market / Target audience. Gender, age group, socioeconomic conditions of your target market should be provided.

Some style note you can add to your brief:


Font style:

All though it might depend on the designer to choose the perfect font for your project, you may assist your designer about fonts if you have any in your mind. Some font preference you may have: Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Funky, Decorative, Western, Grungy, etc.

Color Palette:

If you have any color preference in mind, please do share that with your designer and discuss if your preferred color theme is ok for your brand.

Copyrighted material:

It is ok if you get inspired by other designs but you can’t copy other designs if you don’t have legal rights to do so. Discuss the same with your designer if you want to use any photos/images/illustrations. Make sure you have a license for the stock photo you using in your project.


Describe the project in as details as possible, express your excitement about the project, provide feedback positively and constructively.